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Sewer problems are serious issues and you want to make sure you have a dependable plumbing company working to fix them. With over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry, Dallas Plumbing Stars is ready to resolve all sewer issues from clogs to misalignment.

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• 20+ years of experience with sewer repair and replacement plumbing
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What You Need to Know About Sewer Repair
From your property line, the sewer main is your responsibility and NOT the responsibility of the city. Because sewer problems can cause public health risks (for you and your neighbors!), failure to fix sewer problems could result in fines or other penalties.

Some signs that you are having a sewer main problem include:
• Bad smells in home or yard
• Water comes up out of drains (drain backups)
• Soggy spots in yard
• Gurgling sounds from toilet
• Dirty water in basement

When sewer main problems are suspected, a video diagnostic test must be performed to inspect your sewer main. This is the only way to accurately assess the problem and determine the right solution, other than digging up your yard to visually inspect the sewer.

Common Sewer Problems
In our 20+ years of experience with sewer repair in Dallas, we have seen a wide variety of sewer main problems. The most common issues that occur with sewer mains are the following:

Depending on when your sewer main was installed, it is probably made out of galvanized steel, cast-iron, or PVC. With the first two materials, corrosion is a major problem. The materials react with chemicals and minerals in the water supply and waste water and the pipes begin to corrode. The corrosion can cause a thick buildup inside the pipes, which restricts the flow of waste. You will see symptoms like flooding in your basement, backups, and gurgling sounds from the toilet.

Corrosion can also cause small cracks in the sewer, which form leaks. Depending on the severity of the leak, you might not notice at all. The sewer then continues to corrode until it collapses completely. Be on the lookout for signs of sewer leak such as lush or soggy spots in your yard and bad smell.s

Corroded sewer mains can usually be fixed with no-dig repair methods like slip lining or Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining.

Tree Root Blockage in Sewers:
If you have trees or bushes growing near your sewer main, the roots can affect the sewer. The roots are drawn towards the moisture, oxygen, and heat which are in the sewer main. The tree roots can push down on the sewer, causing it to crack or belly. The roots are also very adept at getting into the sewer through cracks. They then grow into huge clogs. Tree roots are actually one of the leading causes of sewer main clogs.

Tree root clogs can be removed from sewer mains with a clog rooter machine and/or hydro jetting (depending on the severity of the clog). If the tree roots have badly damaged the sewer main, then repair methods such as CIPP lining or slip lining might be necessary.

Sewer Collapse:
When sewers get very old, they can completely collapse. Oftentimes, this blocks the sewer and you’ll experience backups. This is one of the worst things that can happen to your sewer because your entire plumbing system will be unusable!

Collapsed sewer mains are usually repaired with trenchless sewer replacement. Our plumbers will dig two holes in your yard to access each end of the sewer main. Then they insert a machine into one of the holes. The machine breaks the old sewer main into pieces and pushes them out of the way so a new sewer main can be put in its place. Some damage to your yard will occur, but this method is much better than the old method of sewer replacement which involved digging trenches to remove and replace the sewer.

Sewer Bellying:
Over the years, the ground outside your home will settle and shift a bit. When this happens, it can cause your sewer main to start to sag – or “belly” – in some places. A slight belly in a sewer main isn’t a major issue. However, waste water will not flow smoothly through bellying sewer mains. This can cause water to build up and clog lines. With severe bellying, the sewer won’t be able to handle large quantities of waste water and the water will instead back up into your home!

Bellied sewer mains will only get worse, so it is best to fix them before serious backups occur. Depending on where the belly occurs and the condition of the rest of the sewer line, methods like dig-and-replace can be used or trenchless sewer replacement.

Get Started with Sewer Repair Services
Repairing your sewer main can save you thousands in damages from unhygienic messes and backups. It can also increase the value of your home and prevent plumbing problems like clogs. At Dallas Plumbing Stars, we understand that choosing a plumber for sewer repair is a big decision. To help you make the right choice, we offer free price quotes for sewer repair in Dallas. A licensed plumber will inspect your sewer and present you with options for sewer repair and the costs associated with each.

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