Repipe and Plumbing Maintenance in Dallas

Replacing the pipes in your home is a big decision and you want to make sure you have the right plumbing team working for you. With over 20 years of unblemished service in the industry, Dallas Plumbing Stars has the experience needed to get the job done right!

Our Qualifications

• 20+ years of experience with repipe plumbing
• Licensed, certified, insured and bonded
• Trained to work with all types of pipes including PEX and copper
• Committed to excellence in customer service
• Free price quotes for pipe replacement

What You Need to Know About Pipe Replacement
When we first got started in the plumbing industry, the process of replacing pipes was very different than it is today. Advances in technology have revolutionized the process, making it much faster and more affordable for homeowners and businesses. It has been our pleasure to watch and partake in these changes. We make sure our employees are continuously trained so we stay at the forefront of technology and can offer our customers the most advanced solutions for repipe plumbing available.

Two decades ago, galvanized steel pipes were falling out of favor and copper pipes became the standard. Copper has many advantages, particularly that it is durable. However, copper can still react with many of the minerals and chemicals found in Texas’s water supply. This means that you can expect some cracks and leaks in copper piping after about 20 to 50 years. To further complicate the problem, copper piping is very hard to repair. Installing new copper piping involves soldering work, so it is more time extensive and should only be performed by the best plumbers.

Copper is a very expensive material, so many budget repipes were performed with cheap Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. These pipes are highly unreliable and subject to cracking and bursting. However, they may still be a good solution in limited situations where budget is the primary concern and pipes are easily accessible.

Today, most home repipe services in Texas are performed using PEX tubing. The tubing can be snaked inside old, corroded pipes or can be connected to the existing pipe network. PEX doesn’t have to be soldered. Since it is also flexible, it is very quick to install. Unlike with copper piping, PEX pipe replacement can often be done without having to open up your walls at all.

Pipe Replacement Materials
At Dallas Plumbing Stars, we believe in giving our customers choice. When you schedule a free estimate for repipe services with one of our licensed plumbers, the plumber will explain all of your options to you and the pros/cons associated with each material. These are the main types of materials which are used for repipe services.


• Long lifespan of about 50 years
• Can be used outdoors because it is not affected by UV rays
• Naturally resists bacterial growth
• Fire resistant

• Priciest material for pipe replacement
• Corrodes in the presence of acidic water
• Frozen water can cause copper pipes to burst (not much of an issue in Texas)
• Must be soldered, meaning installation takes longer and costs more

PEX (crosslinked polyethylene)

• Affordable – about 1/3 the cost of copper
• Resists corrosion and scale
• Fast and easy to install
• Can be snaked inside existing pipes
• Can be connected to existing copper pipes
• Resists freezing and bursting
• Flexibility means it can often be installed without cutting apart entire walls
• Fast installation and no soldering required means cheaper installation costs
• Doesn’t lose much heat = more efficient

• Relatively new product
• Cannot be used outdoors
• Lifespan may not be as long as copper
• Not naturally resistant to bacteria like copper


• Very cheap
• Non-reactive
• Easier to install than copper

• Subject to bursting and cracking
• Joints often fail, resulting in leaks
• Not flexible, so
• Chemicals in PVC may be detrimental to health
• Not environmentally friendly
• Warps at high temperatures

Get Started with Pipe Replacement Services
Replacing your pipes can increase the value of your home, solve leak problems, and prevent clogs. We understand that pipe replacement is a big decision. To help you make the right decision, we offer free estimates on repipe services in Dallas, TX. A licensed plumber will assess your pipes and present you with options for pipe replacement and the costs associated with each.

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