Plumbing Repairs in Dallas and Plumbing Maintenance

When your pipes or plumbing fixtures break down, you want to make sure they are being repaired properly and the repair is going to last. With over 20 years in the industry, Dallas Plumbing Stars has the experience and knowledge to handle all types of plumbing repairs.

Our Qualifications
• 20+ years of experience with commercial and residential plumbing
• Licensed, certified, insured and bonded
• Trained to work with all types of pipes and major plumbing appliances
• Committed to excellence in customer service
• Free price quotes for plumbing repairs

What You Need to Know About Plumbing Repair Services
Your pipes and plumbing fixtures handle huge amounts of water each day. The chemicals, hard water, and waste in the water can wear away at them, causing problems like corrosion, leaks, and breaks. Other factors can also cause plumbing problems, such as if you accidentally banged against a pipe and caused joints to become loose.

The main types of plumbing repair issues we see are:
• Corroded pipes leaking: We can often repair leaking pipes with epoxy and other liners. If corrosion is the problem though, then other leaks are likely in the near future. To solve the underlying problem and not just the leak at hand, we may recommend pipe replacement.
• Broken or loose pipe joints: Connection points of pipes can wear away. Improper installation, such as from faulty soldering of copper pipes, can also lead to failure. We repair the problem with new joints.
• Toilet problems: Toilet have many parts which are often made from cheap materials like plastic. When these parts wear down or break, problems can occur like a constantly running toilet or the toilet won’t flush. We carry replacement parts for toilet repairs and can install new toilets as well.

24/7 Plumbing Repair Service in Dallas
Plumbing problems are a nuisance and, when water is leaking into your home, they can also cause major damages. We are available 24/7 for plumbing repair services. To help you budget for plumbing repairs, we offer free quotes.

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