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Dallas Plumbing Stars has 20+ years of experience with gas installation services. When you choose us, you know that your new gas lines and appliances will be installed correctly – we guarantee it!

Our Qualifications
• 20+ years of experience with gas lines
• Licensed, certified, insured and bonded
• Skill with all types of gas lines including copper, steel, brass, and flexible connectors
• Committed to excellence in customer service
• Free price quotes for gas line installation in Dallas
• Guaranteed proper installation

What You Need to Know About Gas Line Installation Services
Gas is a great alternative to electricity for appliances like stoves, dryers, water heaters, and can even be used outdoors for grills and lighting. However, the decision to switch to gas should not be taken lightly. You must make sure you are choosing a reputable, trained, and licensed contractor to install the gas line equipment. The leading cause of gas line problems is improper installation. Don’t risk safety hazards and spare yourself preventable repairs and problems.

If you currently do not have natural gas in your home, the first step would be to contact a natural gas provider and sign up for their services. Once you have signed all documents, you can begin the process of setting up gas lines. The team at Dallas Plumbing Stars can take care of all aspects for you, from designing the gas line system to the actual installation and testing. We can also install gas lines according to specifications designed by your architect. After the installation is complete, the gas company will then install the gas meter and activate the natural gas so you can begin using it.

We can also help with propane gas services. Propane gas lines can be easily converted to natural gas at a later date, such as if your neighborhood does not offer natural gas at this time. If you are doing a remodel and are considered natural gas in the future, it is a good idea to install natural gas lines while your walls are already open. Then you can connect gas appliances at a later date.

Get Started with Gas Line Installation Services
We understand that gas line installation is a big decision. To help you make the right decision, we offer free estimates on gas line services in Dallas, TX. A licensed plumber will assess your needs and present you with options for gas line installation and the costs associated with each.

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