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Plumbing emergencies are incredibly stressful and you want to make sure you have the right plumber to help you through the ordeal. Dallas Plumbing Stars has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has encountered virtually every plumbing emergency imaginable. We are experienced and prepared to handle all plumbing emergencies, no matter how big or small.

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Plumbing Leaks: Find Your Water Shutoff Valve
If you have a leaking pipe or even think you have a leaking pipe, you should shut off the water to prevent water from damaging the architectural structure of your home. Even a small leak could cause serious damage!

Most modern homes have two types of shutoff valves: individual shutoff valves and whole-home shutoff valves. The individual water shutoff valve (also called fixture supply stops) for fixtures is usually located near the fixture, such as in cabinets. Turn the valve clockwise for about 2 full turns to stop the flow of water. Older homes may not have fixture supply stops. So, if you cannot find the fixture supply stop or are not sure where the leak is coming from, then you should shut off the water for the entire house. The whole-home shutoff valve is usually located in the basement or near the water meter.

Drain Backups: Stop Using All Plumbing Fixtures!
If you have water backing up out of your drains, you probably have a clog in your sewer main or a main drain pipe. Because no water can leave through the blocked pipes, the dirty water instead comes back up through your drains. Do NOT use any plumbing fixtures until the problem is fixed! Otherwise, you could have sewage water flooding your home and causing serious damage. This includes your toilet, kitchen sinks, showers, washing machine, and dish washer.

Toilet Clog First Response
Toilet clogs are a common problem. Many people try to deal with the problem themselves by pouring liquid drain cleaner down the toilet. Do not do this! Liquid drain cleaner doesn’t work for toilets and can worsen problems by solidifying clogs. Use a plunger to try to get the clog out or, if you have one, use a plumbers snake. If these methods don’t work, then call for professional clog removal.

Water Heater Emergencies
One of the biggest mistakes we see is that homeowners try to fix their own water heaters. Remember that water heaters operate on high voltages or gas, both of which can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Further, there are many small parts in water heaters that can break. Unless you are experienced with water heater repair, don’t try to take apart the water heater and fix it yourself. You will probably just make the problem worse.

Gas Emergencies First Response
Gas emergencies should never be taken lightly. If you sense a rotten egg smell in your home (sign of a gas leak), then evacuate your home immediately and call the gas company and fire company. They will make sure your home is safe. Then you can call us for emergency gas repair services.

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