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When you take a shower, wash the dishes, or flush the toilet, all of the water gets sent through a network of drainage pipes that all lead to the city municipal sewer system or your septic tank. To make sure that waste water gets out of your home, it is imperative that these drainages pipes are kept clean. With over 20 years in the business, you can count on Dallas Plumbing Stars for expert drain cleaning services.

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Why Do Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned?
When your drain pipes are new, the insides are clean and smooth. Waste water easily flows through them and out to the sewer system. The drain pipes don’t stay clean and smooth forever though. The biggest culprit in dirty drain pipes is oil and grease (such as from cooking oil). The oil sticks to the sides of pipes as it goes down. The sticky oil residue then attracts other debris that goes down your pipes, like bits of food, hair, and paper products. Over time, your pipes become badly coated.

Corrosion also plays a major role in dirty drain pipes. Chemicals and minerals in the Dallas water supply react with your drain pipes, forming corrosion. The corrosion itself can build up on the insides of drain pipes. Sometimes the corrosion is so bad that it can completely block pipes! The corrosion also makes the insides of pipes bumpy so other debris, like hygiene products and hair, are more likely to get stuck in drains.

Modern Methods of Getting Drains Cleaned
When we started out in the plumbing business 20+ years ago, hydro jetting was still a new technology. Most plumbers only offer clog removal services, which involved using snake-like augers to bore holes in drain clogs. They would also manually remove drains to empty them out. This approach not only took a long time, but didn’t solve the problem of coated, dirty drain pipes within walls.

Luckily, drain cleaning has come a long way in the past couple decades. 20 years ago, we started with a basic hydro jetting machine and now have newer models of hydro jets with variable pressures up to 60,000psi. The way that hydro jetting works is a lot like a power washer: a hose sprays out high-pressure steams of water. The water blasts away debris and buildup from the inside of your pipes. Our hydro jets can be snaked through your entire drainage system to clean all drain pipes.

Hydro jetting itself is a fairly straight-forward procedure and can be performed quickly. However, don’t try to cut corners by hiring an inexperienced plumber for hydro jetting services. When the wrong pressure is used or used on damaged pipes, it can actually cause your pipes to burst! Inexperienced plumbers have also been known to cause flooding when they don’t take care to inspect pipes beforehand to remove solid obstructions in the jets’ path.

Drain Snaking vs. Hydro Jetting
Please understand that drain snaking and hydro jetting are two very different methods of clearing drains. Drain snaking involves pushing an auger into your drains to break up a clog. This method is used when you have a clog stuck somewhere in the drain, such as a toy which fell down the toilet or a wad of hair in your bathtub drain. Drain snakes are available at hardware stores and can even be performed by yourself.

Hydro jetting is not used to clear clogs: it is used to remove buildup throughout your pipes. You can tell the difference between a clog and buildup by where you are having problems. A clog will just cause drainage problems at the site of the clog. Buildup will cause flow problems with all or many of your drains. Hydro jetting is not something that residents can perform on their own. It requires professional equipment and experience to be performed safely.

Get Started with Drain Cleaning Services
Cleaning your drains with hydro jetting will remove buildup from your drains, improve water flow, prevent clogs, and even extend the lifespan of your drain pipes. Hydro jetting should only be performed by an expert plumber. Dallas Plumbing Stars has over 20 years of experience with hydro jetting and is a leader in the industry. We offer free price estimates on our hydro jetting drain cleaning services.

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